VIVA! lifestyle


At Stoney River, we think about aging differently. To us, a comfortable apartment home with modern conveniences, amenities and help as needed, is just the beginning. It’s how you live your life that matters most.

This philosophy is at the very heart of all we do and so unique that we gave it its own name – VIVA!

Mind. Body. Soul.

VIVA! is all about…

  • learning, sharing and leadership opportunities that engage the mind
  • yoga, exercise, camping and even horseback riding to strengthen the body and…
  • opportunities for camaraderie, reflection and charity that touch the soul and foster spirituality.
man Gardening
senior woman creating a painting of a lighthouse with watercolors

Further your life’s passion or try something entirely new!

Our VIVA! signature programming makes things like overnight camping and horseback riding possible. How fun is that? It also celebrates lifelong learning, welcomes children, teens and animals into the community and offers hands-on gardening, art projects and cooking. Plus, VIVA! invites others to give back, prioritizes fitness and wellness, and so much more.

VIVA! Signature Programs