Memory Care

Memory Care

Stoney River Memory Care is different from any other community you will visit because both our environment and our specially trained team serve to enhance your experience.

A person experiencing memory challenges has very specific and unique care needs. That’s why Stoney River Memory Care does not look like any other assisted living home. Built-in features empower the environment itself to participate in the care of each resident.

Memory Care Floor Plan

These features include:

A Resident Kitchen, separate from the main kitchen, where the Activities Director helps residents bake cookies, breads, and other goods. Studies have shown that these activities and the resulting aromas help to stimulate the memory centers of the brain.

A Courtyard Garden that is entirely surrounded by the memory care building. Residents can safely explore the great outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. By design, residents can’t wander away, and all the plants in the courtyard are non-toxic.

An Indoor Walking path that circles around the courtyard garden to provide a beautiful view—rain or shine. The window sills are lowered because individuals with memory challenges often look down while they walk.

Recollection Rooms such as “Yacht Club” and “Shopping Experience” where residents can take a trip down memory lane with stimulating items such as fishing gear, photos, costume jewelry, coats, hats, and more.

A Specially Designed Dining Room that is subtly divided so residents who need assistance with eating can enjoy greater privacy in a dignified and caring manner.

Built-In Showers in every suite ensure privacy and dignity, while easy shut-off valves allow staff to regulate the water to keep residents from slipping or hurting themselves with the water.

Other Safety and Supportive Features, such as key-pad entry with wander alert, special lighting, flooring, and wall coloring, easily identifiable suite entrances, and much more

Not only is our building equipped for memory care, our staff is specially trained to deal with memory issues. We have several staff members who are certified to train our entire staff using the virtual dementia tour. The VDT® is designed to give the participant an up close, hands-on experience that provides critical insight to those caring for dementia.

Rates starting at $6665